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I’m constantly scrolling through Zillow and imagining how I’d change the spaces of potential (and not so potential) future houses. It’s way easier to do this than to actively make changes in my own space sometimes. There’s a level of fear associated with making bold design choices but also an agreement with my husband, who admittedly does leave most decorating decisions to me. He has opinions, though.


I've found through talking with collectors about art that we tend to gravitate towards our personality's opposite in terms of art style. For example, I have seen that deeply analytical people tend to like more abstract, loose, and sometimes "messy" art and can be attracted to geometric shapes and lines. People that have bold and strong attitudes and opinions are attracted to minimalistic art. Quiet and more reserved people tend to like more detail oriented art (more figurative, less abstract). While this is not a hard and fast rule and definitely worth exploring more, you can see how it can be challenging to blend art styles when sharing space with different personalities.

1) Let the different art pieces share a common theme. Color, brush strokes, mediums, or a central theme like beaches, flowers, cities, etc. You could also use the same frames for the different pieces. This unifies them together, especially on the same wall.

2) Embrace contrast. Different is not bad. Repeat that again and again ;) Maybe you choose one really colorful piece as a focal point and place some minimal black and white pieces around or near it. It's okay to mix it up.,,

3) Assign spaces. You can always have different styles take over certain rooms. You don't have to have a cohesive collection throughout your entire house. I've definitely kicked some of my husband's art into his office =)

4) Add accessories to the room that tie in both styles. You can do this through mixing patterns and colors. Throw pillows and blankets are an excellent way to achieve this. If you're feeling extra ambitious, an area rug is another great option. Be sure it doesn't compete with the walls, though. It can be neutral with subtle hints of pattern or color that go with your art. 


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