Thank you for your interest in a commission! It's so exciting to create something personal for my collectors and I love seeing your inspiration. 


When I'm working on a piece, it consumes me. I often wake up thinking about colors and details to add. I won't feel complete unless I make progress throughout the day. I want every piece to be a true representation of my vision and efforts, which is why I only take one or two commissions every month. I want to be certain that I give enough time to your artwork and it's treated with the attention and care it deserves. I like to think that with as many hours as I spend with a piece, it's infused with my positive energy and passion for life.


I say no to a lot of commissions and I don’t accept input during the process. We'll work together initially to unlock your imagination and create a source for the painting together that is designed to inspire through your self expression. If you don’t like it once complete, it will undoubtedly sell so you are not required to purchase it. I require 50% up front and the remaining once I send you completed photos and it’s ready to ship. If you’re still interested in getting on the waitlist, please contact me using the application link below or email me at

Now taking commissions for:  January/February



AL - 22"x30"

ST -  30"X40"



SY - 30"x40"

MP - 24"x30"



M - 36" x 72"

GT - 36" x 48"



RE - 36" x 48"

SS - 30"x40"

MS - 24"x36"

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